Supportive Personal Care.

What makes a personal care community different from a typical assisted living facility?

License or Certification.

Personal care homes are licensed by the Office of Inspector General, while assisted living communities are certified by the Kentucky Department for Aging and Independent Living.

Nursing Staff.

Personal care homes provide 24/7 nursing staff for continuous supervision of residents, basic health and health-related services, personal care services, residential care services and social and recreational activities. Kentucky assisted living centers are not required and typically do not include nurses on staff. When an emergency happens, having a nurse on site is something many seniors – and their families – desire for peace of mind.

Model of Care.

A personal care licensed community is more of a medical model of care that not only encompasses the socialization of an assisted living facility but also provides additional medical assistance including medication disbursement (not just reminders) and other nursing services such as diabetes management and insulin shot injection. Because more aid is typically needed as a person ages, a personal care community is well-equipped to handle additional assistance an individual may require. Personal care is often thought to be the best of both worlds.